The World I See, Fri., 8/28/15

Today, the last day of summer vacation for me. While I worked yesterday it was a fun and relaxing work day with no students.  What do I do with the last day of my summer vacation?

Back a while ago we had three trees removed and it left some debris. Unfortunately two of them were taken out without us being able to prep for it. This left our front garden in chaos and us with a massive mound of dirt, white river rocks, and tree stump debris. Today we loaded the aftermath into the truck and disposed of it. 

1,780 pounds of land clearing debris.   Five hours to get it into the truck. Just over two hours to get to the first dump, get rejected (after being told we could dump there), going to the second dump, and unloading the 1,780 pounds. 

Just shy of a ton of yard debris moved twice by a 64 year old woman who has survived two different types of cancer and a 40 year old scrawny guy with a bad back. Not too shabby. We are really sore right now, but pretty proud of ourselves. #TheWorldISee


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