The World I See, Mon., 8/31/15

The first day of school at my new job back at my old stomping grounds-ish. Excited I’m back in familiar territory and with a district I know I can trust.

I have some great kids. A handful, ones that need tender loving care. Ones that need someone to give a damn about them. Someone to see them, to want to be there despite their behaviors. I want to work with them regardless of how tiring it may be. Already some of my most exciting ones are the ones with the worst behaviors.

And then I go to my other family, surrounded by the zaniness of five fabulous children and I know my life is complete. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t my flesh and blood. It doesn’t matter that I’m not their father. These kids are amazing, always have been and each moment I spend with them only makes me cherish them more. Their mother radiates, she is a brilliant star. They are a reflection of her. This is the pale comparison of their night sky as I leave their house drenched in laughter and love floating on cosmic rays and stardust. #TheWorldISee


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