“A Journey of a Thousand Miles…” Fri. 07/15/16

Three pictures of the gorgeous Utah, mountain desert sunset. Taken at 9:04, 9:06, and 9:12 (top to bottom).  
These are just what I needed after a hard day at work and then my wife’s ex as he refuses to return custody of our kids and police who won’t enforce the law. 

Then this, all this terrible horrible-ness (did I mention Turkey?) and cotton candy clouds to ease me into the night filled with ebullient stars twinkling my love’s name to me from over 600 miles. Thank you sunsets, low over the mountains, and high clouds cradling their colors. 


“A Journey of a Thousand Miles…” Tue. 07/12/16

Started my new job and during the summer I’m working as a job coach for special needs young adults.  We are working at a local farm’s produce stand. It is hard work, and exceptionally exciting. I’ve spent days sorting Bing and Rainier cherries, recycling dirt, moving watermelons, and generally ensuring that my clients get a safe, effective, and realistic job experience and I’m proud to say it is successful and fun. 

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles…” Mon. 07/04/16

Our first Fourth of July together as a couple. Our first Independence Day married. Our first major holiday since the move. Set up in a vast field with these gorgeous mountains as our backdrop for the impending fireworks. These will be the fireworks I’ve attended in over four years. I am excited that so much new is happening and I’m poised to embrace it all. I love the challenge of change. 

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles…” Sun. 07/03/16

Yesterday I was so exhausted. Physically and psychologically drained from packing up for two straight days and driving all night long from Washington to Utah. Thusly, I fell in and out of sleep, drifted through the day in a haze of fatigue and didn’t get a picture. 

Therefore, here are two fabulous panoramic shots of my new home. My brilliant wife and I fought hard for the privilege to move here and now that we are I feel instantly connected to this place in a way I never have before in my life. Maybe it is because of the trials we had to go through to get here. Maybe it is because we literally had to fight to get to move here. Maybe it is because this is such an important step for us and our children. This isn’t just a new start, it is our home, OUR home. One we choose and one we fought for.