“A Journey of a Thousand Miles…” Fri. 07/15/16

Three pictures of the gorgeous Utah, mountain desert sunset. Taken at 9:04, 9:06, and 9:12 (top to bottom).  
These are just what I needed after a hard day at work and then my wife’s ex as he refuses to return custody of our kids and police who won’t enforce the law. 

Then this, all this terrible horrible-ness (did I mention Turkey?) and cotton candy clouds to ease me into the night filled with ebullient stars twinkling my love’s name to me from over 600 miles. Thank you sunsets, low over the mountains, and high clouds cradling their colors. 


“A Journey of a Thousand Miles…” Thu. 07/14/16

Faced with a repetitive, tedious task the goal is to find a way through it. Find the best system that works, find the flow of your work station. And find moments of beauty and delight when and where hey come. This is just the sunlight reflecting off the ripples of the water in a puddle created by washing produce crates for three and a half hours. It was a great moment. 

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles…” Tue. 07/05/16

On my way to fill out paperwork and start my new job we had some time to kill. It turned out to be a family affair as my father-in-law had an appointment in the same neck of the woods. A friend of mine recently introduced me to the Atlas Obscura so we fired it up and looked up interesting entries for Salt Lake City. Up popped Gilgal, a stone garden filled with intricate stone scriptures, massive carvings, and impressive stone displays. Created by Thomas Battersby Child, Jr. as a monument to his Mormon faith this massive Sphinx with Face of Mormon prophet Joseph Smith adorning it, seated above a gorgeous rendering of an LDS temple, definitely caught my eye for it’s bizarre nature, craftsmanship, and odd elegance. Gilgal GardenAtlas Obscura

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles…” Mon. 07/04/16

Our first Fourth of July together as a couple. Our first Independence Day married. Our first major holiday since the move. Set up in a vast field with these gorgeous mountains as our backdrop for the impending fireworks. These will be the fireworks I’ve attended in over four years. I am excited that so much new is happening and I’m poised to embrace it all. I love the challenge of change. 

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles…” Fri. 07/01/16

I have been remiss, it has been a long while since I have sat down and paid special attention to my project. It is not for lack of anything better to do, as a matter of fact it is the exact opposite.
I got married to a bold, strong woman and found myself thrust into fatherhood to five amazing children. And now, today, I began a move to a new state, to begin a new job. There is much uncertainty and a terrible amount left to do. Yet, I find excitement and energy everywhere. 
This evening as my wife and I ate dinner in Granger in the shadows of dinosaurs my cat played under the picnic table I lost myself in these clouds. Warm sunlight washed over me as the grease from the savory street tacos ran down my fingers. I am eager. I am happy. I am joyful.