“A Journey of a Thousand Miles…” Sun. 07/03/16

Yesterday I was so exhausted. Physically and psychologically drained from packing up for two straight days and driving all night long from Washington to Utah. Thusly, I fell in and out of sleep, drifted through the day in a haze of fatigue and didn’t get a picture. 

Therefore, here are two fabulous panoramic shots of my new home. My brilliant wife and I fought hard for the privilege to move here and now that we are I feel instantly connected to this place in a way I never have before in my life. Maybe it is because of the trials we had to go through to get here. Maybe it is because we literally had to fight to get to move here. Maybe it is because this is such an important step for us and our children. This isn’t just a new start, it is our home, OUR home. One we choose and one we fought for. 


“A Journey of a Thousand Miles…” Fri. 07/01/16

I have been remiss, it has been a long while since I have sat down and paid special attention to my project. It is not for lack of anything better to do, as a matter of fact it is the exact opposite.
I got married to a bold, strong woman and found myself thrust into fatherhood to five amazing children. And now, today, I began a move to a new state, to begin a new job. There is much uncertainty and a terrible amount left to do. Yet, I find excitement and energy everywhere. 
This evening as my wife and I ate dinner in Granger in the shadows of dinosaurs my cat played under the picnic table I lost myself in these clouds. Warm sunlight washed over me as the grease from the savory street tacos ran down my fingers. I am eager. I am happy. I am joyful. 

The World I See, Thu. 9/24/15

The intense fluctuation of weather. Cold. Warm. Foggy. Rainy. Then this. Right between my feet, a pleasant, focused bee in the work of pollinating. Gathering what it can before the weather completely shuts everything down for the year. 

It took no notice of me looking over it with my camera focusing on it. I was no threat, no bother. I took this amazing picture then left it alone. 

I am always fascinated with life. With the perfect synchronicity of life. The way the world and its biology keeps everything working together. #TheWorldISee

The World I See, Wed., 9/23/15

First day of Autumn. Cold. Sun glaring brightly. Brilliant lens flare, an accident I hadn’t planned. The laughter and screams of fun of children at play. My life, my job are amazing.

While I may struggle with depression, ADD, and self-doubt I find purpose in what I do. Working with special needs children allows me to be many things, but ultimately it allows me to make a difference every single day. 

This is my purpose: to make a difference. The Sun shines in me often. It rains on me often. I stand in the cold and the wind. The warmth. And the humidity. I stand sentient over my charges and soak in their joy. I find joy. Today the Sun graces the play of the young. Today the Sun admires us all. #TheWorldISee

The World I See, Tue., 9/22/15

In the hallway of my school there is a wall where once a door existed.  Some while ago, long before they hired me, this door was bricked over.  I walk by this spot everyday at least a dozen times and have to strongly resist the urge to stop and search for a hidden latch or secret brick to open this space, which of course would lead to somewhere awesome, most likely awesome and deadly, but yes…freaking awesome!

I spent countless hours playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading “Choose Your Adventure” books, and meticulously working my way through every RPG I could get on Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and PlayStation.  I know what wonders, and horrors, lie beyond this patch of wall, I know the treasure and monstrosities.  It could be a portal to Cthulu’s world, or Alice’s rabbit hole, or it might take me to Hyrule.

No matter where, or when, (or even what) lies beyond the door I’m always tempted to search, alas it is just a case of newer bricks upsetting the pattern, but it is such fun to pretend every time I walk by, a dozen or so times a day.  #TheWorldISee

The World I See, Mon., 9/21/19

Light and Dark, intricately linked. A cosmic voyage of epic proportions. The brilliance of starshine and objects in time and space. I this case a fabulously designed jungle gym set against the sparse backdrop of rubber blacktop. Bold fierce lines, drawn sharp by brilliant sunshine. My students scampering everywhere giving me a narrow window of opportunity to capture this elegant moment.

Light and Dark, forces which operate in tandem.  One needs the other.  Darkness can be defined as the absence of light, therefore light can be defined as the absence of dark.  However, one is a generative force.  Both are necessary and both are useful.  

Shadows remind us the path of light.  Never mistake the dark for evil.  For only in the dark can the radiance of laight be truly appreciated.  Here, on the playgrounds of my amazing students I feel their brilliance as thy show me new ways to see the world in the shadows of the constraints of their communication abilities.  #TheWorldISee

The World I See, Sat., 9/19/15

A few years back I noticed that at the Puyallup Fair they were hawking Deep Fried Butter. I postulated that this would be the cause of the zombie apocalypse. Those that imbue this weird delicacy will forever carry this high cholesterol taint with them until they die and then rise from the grave undead. Now I have met an amazing woman who has eaten this confection and I find myself in a quandary, do I hold out and possibly have to slay her when she rises, or remain with her eternally when the zombie apocalypse happens?  True love won out and I ate of the deep fried cholesterol balls rolled in cinnamon and sugar splashed with raspberry syrup. I will shamble with her forever. #TheWorldISee