“A Journey of a Thousand Miles…” Fri. 07/01/16

I have been remiss, it has been a long while since I have sat down and paid special attention to my project. It is not for lack of anything better to do, as a matter of fact it is the exact opposite.
I got married to a bold, strong woman and found myself thrust into fatherhood to five amazing children. And now, today, I began a move to a new state, to begin a new job. There is much uncertainty and a terrible amount left to do. Yet, I find excitement and energy everywhere. 
This evening as my wife and I ate dinner in Granger in the shadows of dinosaurs my cat played under the picnic table I lost myself in these clouds. Warm sunlight washed over me as the grease from the savory street tacos ran down my fingers. I am eager. I am happy. I am joyful. 


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