The World I See, Tue., 9/22/15

In the hallway of my school there is a wall where once a door existed.  Some while ago, long before they hired me, this door was bricked over.  I walk by this spot everyday at least a dozen times and have to strongly resist the urge to stop and search for a hidden latch or secret brick to open this space, which of course would lead to somewhere awesome, most likely awesome and deadly, but yes…freaking awesome!

I spent countless hours playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading “Choose Your Adventure” books, and meticulously working my way through every RPG I could get on Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and PlayStation.  I know what wonders, and horrors, lie beyond this patch of wall, I know the treasure and monstrosities.  It could be a portal to Cthulu’s world, or Alice’s rabbit hole, or it might take me to Hyrule.

No matter where, or when, (or even what) lies beyond the door I’m always tempted to search, alas it is just a case of newer bricks upsetting the pattern, but it is such fun to pretend every time I walk by, a dozen or so times a day.  #TheWorldISee


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