The World I See, Mon., 9/21/19

Light and Dark, intricately linked. A cosmic voyage of epic proportions. The brilliance of starshine and objects in time and space. I this case a fabulously designed jungle gym set against the sparse backdrop of rubber blacktop. Bold fierce lines, drawn sharp by brilliant sunshine. My students scampering everywhere giving me a narrow window of opportunity to capture this elegant moment.

Light and Dark, forces which operate in tandem.  One needs the other.  Darkness can be defined as the absence of light, therefore light can be defined as the absence of dark.  However, one is a generative force.  Both are necessary and both are useful.  

Shadows remind us the path of light.  Never mistake the dark for evil.  For only in the dark can the radiance of laight be truly appreciated.  Here, on the playgrounds of my amazing students I feel their brilliance as thy show me new ways to see the world in the shadows of the constraints of their communication abilities.  #TheWorldISee


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