The World I See, Sat., 9/12/15

An excellent day. Started with some yard work to help reset my mood and headspace. I was in such a negative area from yesterday. I had two headaches, a migraine that kept me home from work and a second headache that came one just after noon and persisted until after dinner. 

When my head is under assault like this it lowers my defenses and my depression and anxiety march in unabated and hold court. This gives way to rage as self-doubt and self-recrimination sway my thoughts whichever way. It is a vicious pendulum, one that slices deeply and eloquently. 

Today, hard physical work preceded loving company with my favorite family in the whole world. 

We spent the whole afternoon and evening at the lake swimming and playing in the water as the hydroplane boats raced next to us. The Sun bore down baking into us.  Laughter, love, and silliness was just the remedy for the negativity and self-criticism I was facing yesterday. 

I am a social animal. I do best when helping others, when surrounded by others, when surrounded by the energy and power of children. This family is filled with such enthusiasm for life and the world. The way they have welcomed me is breathtaking and heartwarming. I am constantly in awe of each member.  While it is no secret their mother holds a sacred place in my heart, each of the children have their own special place in there as well. #TheWorldISee


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