The World I See, Wed., 9/9/15

Each day is a new journey. Out of the fog of this morning I found great adventures. I had triumphs and failures. I achieved huge successes with students and lost ground with others. Such are the journeys when working with children on the Autism Spectrum, or with numerous other special needs. 

Regardless of how the previous day went, no matter how tired I was, how much ground was lost, each sunrise is a new beginning. Each day a chance to begin again. 

I know this because I know I’m earnest in my care of my students. I am honest in my interactions with them. I admit when I’m wrong. Accept responsibility when I make mistakes, take ownership of my actions. I talk with them, not down to them. These children are people with histories and feelings. They have desires, wants, and needs. They just want to be liked and loved. 

I always let them know, regardless your behavior I’m here for you always. 

Every new day is a new beginning. For me. For them. #TheWorldISee


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