The World I See, Sun., 9/6/15

Discovery is a grand adventure. In Port Orchard, WA The Brothers Greenhouses is not only an immense collection of fabulous plants, but they crafted a life size replica of the Hobbit’s House. 

It is immaculately crafted, beautiful to behold, and fun to explore. You can go into it and sit down inside next to the fireplace or at the ornate window. It smelled of aromatic wood, captured the excitement of Middle-Earth, and the staff of The Brothers Greenhouses are amazing; they just leave travelers alone to explore the vast expanses of their numerous greenhouse offerings and the Hobbit House without any pressure. 

It was such a fun trip, I only wish I actually had money to spend on hundreds of plants for the destroyed garden. Instead I had an amazing day talking plants and creating memories with the brilliant, radiant woman who captured my heart. Despite the speeding ticket I got on the way home it was a wonderful and flawless day.

The Brothers Greenhouses

3200 Victory Drive SW

Port Orchard, WA 98367



2 thoughts on “The World I See, Sun., 9/6/15

  1. Thank you for visiting the greenhouse – and for spreading the word. We’re glad you liked it. Sorry about the speeding ticket. Come back any day to browse plants or seek inspiration. Cheers, The team at The Brothers Greenhouses


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