The World I See, Fri., 9/4/15

One of the coolest aspects of my job is that I get to go to recess with my kids. If there is ample staff coverage I even get to play games with my students, help them socialize, play with them when others won’t, basically have fun with them. I thoroughly enjoy this part of my job. I thrill at the idea of having fun. Playing Legos during free choice or tossing a ball outside. Acting silly during dance games or while leading the class during calendar. Students should have fun while learning and learning can take place everywhere. 

I love to take pictures of the grand structures that dominate playgrounds. The gorgeous geometry. The elegant lines. The massive sharp shadows in bold sunlight. My childhood is marked by humongous rocketship play areas and big toys that spanned large areas. I don’t think I’ve ever fully left the joys of childhood behind. #TheWorldISee


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