The World I See, Wed., 9/2/15

Today was a day of indecisiveness.  Was it to be chilly and wet?  Rainy and cloudy?  Hot and humid?  Hot and clear?  Since the weather was undecided it was all of them throughout the whole day and it was all good. 

The ever-shifting weather made for great pictures and trying to decide which one to post was a tasking decision. But I solved my dilemma. This bold, glaring sun occupying a clear portion of the sky while underneath stormy clouds lie just above the evergreen trees seized my imagination and I thought this one summed up the day best.  Not just in the weather, but the whole day. 

Each day is an adventure. I learn something, I make mistakes, I march on knowing more than I did moments prior. I like storms. I like rain and cloudy weather, but I love the Sun as well. I always remember that no matter what the weather is like, regardless of how bitter, how despondent, how treacherous it may appear the clouds are not all. The Sun is ALWAYS shining, always beaming, always bestowing it’s beautiful energy and glow upon us. The Sun is always there, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t.  When the weight of the world is crushing down on me and if feel blocked in by the storm clouds of anxiety, depression, self-doubt and recrimination I remind myself that I’m still truly there shining boldly in my sky, just waiting for the clouds to part. 

Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. #TheWorldISee



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