The World I See, Tue., 9/1/15

There is apparently a convergence of storms in our area providing some much needed relief from the drought and raging wildfires that have plagued my state this summer. While this poorly timed rain happened to coincide with the beginning of school thus ensuring that many of our recesses would be indoor ones we’ve managed to reschedule several to take advantage of the rain reals and I am not going to complain about the weather at all.

During today’s morning recess one of my most intriguing students; a student on the Autism spectrum who doesn’t sit still for a scant moment, has his body in motion all the time, isn’t particularly verbal beyond some scattered phrases or isolated words which he tends to spell, and tends to run from a designated area; saw these geese and loudly…boldly spelled “D…U…C…K…S” before trying to run over to them, way outside the outlined play area.

I merely outran him, placed myself way in front of him and redirected him back to the area and then engaged him about the “ducks.”  I totally understand his desire and excitement to run over to these animals flocked so close to us. Just yesterday he ran across the room, grabbed me, dragged me over to the window spelling B-I-R-D to show me these gorgeous crows gathered on the playground outside our window. He may not be talking much, but he is communicating and that is extremely exciting. I love watching my kids in action. I thrill seeing my kiddos interact with the world. I am genuinely excited when I get to learn how to work and communicate with them and become part of their world.  Which is why I love my work. #TheWorldISee


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