The World I See, Sun., 8/23/15

The hazy days of summer. Hanging thick and oppressive the haze spreads the sunlight across the sky like a vicious filter. It stifles the air making it malleable, so that it molds to you. Yet, despite this there is an elegance to all of this. An otherworldly quality, like someone left a dimensional gate open and vapors of an elseworld crept through to paint our sky. 

While it may cast a pall upon everything it does force us to look at everything differently and I adore that. When we have to re-evaluate our surroundings we discover new beauty, understand why we love what we do, miss what is always there that we never pay attention to, or proclaim hosannas for that which we always cherish. 

If you love something exclaim it, openly cherish it. Don’t wait for it to disappear in a miasma of haze before you appreciate it. For if it be a person, they may not come back once the haze dissipates. Never ignore what you love. #TheWorldISee



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