The World I See, Fri., 8/21/15

Today was a day touched by sadness. 18 years ago when my parents moved into this house they planted trees. Ice storms and wind storms have ravaged these trees and we have done all we could to help them survive. The drought was taking its toll on the Paper Birch and then a bug infestation took so many branches off. 

We lost the Paper Birch. While the tree removal crew was out they noticed our Fir tree was infested with bugs, the trunk was peppered with holes and a creeping root was threatening the foundation. Our Plum tree was damaged as well and needed to come down. We lost all three of these threes. It was sad to see them come down. They have dominated and shaped the view of our home. They have grown up around our house over 18 years. And now three are just gone. #TheWorldISee


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