The World I See, Wed., 8/19/15

Another long amazing day. Early rise, long slog to Kent. Spent several hours helping my beautiful friend work on court documents, consoling her when she broke down as we chronicled the trauma her children are enduring right now, finished all that terrible necessary mess up then proceeded to run errands for the next hours. 

Groceries, scripts, and musical learning books. Fixed bikes. Cooked dinner. Fixed more bikes. Watched a child learn to ride a bike. Helped young lovers out. Watched the Sun devour the sky and finally got a job interview in a school district I love and have been absent from far too long. 

I spent this amazingly hot day working to help others out. I didn’t do anything for myself. I sweated and watched others ride and smile as I stood on the sidelines. And I had a blast knowing I helped bring those smiles to ones who are weary too often. It was a grand day. #TheWorldISee


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