The World I See, Thu., 8/13/15

A legendary day, one for the ages.  After facing down a beast I spent the day with an epic family at a theme park. From roller coasters to wave pools. Silly games to funny stories in the hot tub. Calming a screaming baby who doesn’t like strange men. To meeting family members of one close to my heart. 

Afterwards we trekked out to an isolated dark field and watched the Persied Meteor Shower for several hours. Using my SkyView app we identified celestial bodies, satellites, and even things we couldn’t see. The kids got super excited to find where the Hubble Telescope, Uranus, Saturn, and rocket segments were located. 

While not super active everyone saw several meteors and enjoyed the outing. It was exciting to integrate technology in a way that fully enhanced the experience without detracting. #TheWorldISee


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