The World I See, Mon., 8/10/15

The sky was on fire this evening. I love how as darkness approaches we are treated to the most dazzling display of light. As the Sun retreats to shed its light and warmth on the other side of the planet as its final parting gift it radiates color so spectacular we shall not forget it as the night’s darkness progresses and spellbinds is with twinkling stars and pulsars, glowing moons, ringed distant planets, and dying rocks spending their last moments in fiery passion etched across the sky. These nocturnal sights, each amazing and wondrous in their own right are haunted by the dying light of Sun’s set. There is a reason lover’s sonnets and romantic poems are so intricately linked to this sight for only the most perfect sunset can approximate the intensity of the fiery passion of a lover’s kiss, that smouldering gaze in their deep soulful eyes, or their burning embrace after a lengthy absence.  #TheWorldISee


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