The World I See, Sun., 8/9/15

It has been a few days since I posted a picture.  I spent a couple of days undergoing an endoscopy and then recovering.  Not sure why a simple procedure has such a dramatic effect on me, but I was wiped out the next day.

I got to spend an amazing day with gorgeous people and every time I do it matters.  They never want me to leave, and it is hard to walk out every night.  There are moments in life when the universe opens up before you and you realize that you are part of something much bigger.

The best way to see into the soul of the universe is through the eyes of a radiant soul.  Find the beauty around you, look deep into it.  If you ever doubt yourself, see how you are reflected in the eyes on one who loves you.  If you ever wonder what you are, just listen to the syllables of your name as they roll off the lips of a lover, a son, a daughter, a mother, a grandparent.  Whenever, you feel ‘less than’ just look deep into the doors of the universe, deep into the eyes of a loved one and lose yourself. When you find yourself once more you will know bliss.  You will know the secret of existence.  #TheWorldISee


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