The World I See, Wed., 8/5/15

A gloriously gloomy day at temple showcases more of the amazing statuary and architecture there. 

Meditation has been tough these past two weeks. I’ve been helping a friend deal with some grueling stuff and as I’m an empath myself I tend to absorb and internalize other’s emotions. This is an issue I’m working on.  As I discovered today effectively dealing with this doesn’t mean just shoving this emotional wreckage down and ignoring it or it will rear its head back up demanding I acknowledge it. In this case when I’m in the middle of meditating, putting me in a bad mood in a gorgeous place just before I abscond to a movie I’ve been excited to see.  Eventually I lost myself in the moments of the film and my mood changed. After I talked to my friend as well, and of course acknowledged what was happening with me. In the end this is what meditation is for in one sense. #TheWorldISee


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