The World I See, Mon., 8/3/15

Today was a day. After a doctor’s appointment that was as routine as it gets for me I spent most of the day mired in the quagmire of human wretchedness. It just ripped at my soul as I filtered through the detritus of a narcissistic being as he stalks, belittles, and tries to maintain control over one who shines so brightly it is blinding.  Then as my mood swung deep into anger, frustration, and despair I got to walk with angels for the rest of the day. 

Radiant pixies illuminated my space. Laughter, amazement, merriment. Playfulness and absolute silliness ensued. It was an awe-inspiring day and reminded my how grand it is to be around fabulous souls, soaking in every ounce of joy they throw out. Such beautiful, gracious, intelligent children. And a bold, strong mother. And inspiration. #TheWorldISee


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