The World I See, Sat., 8/1/2015

Buddhism stresses being present in the moment. Some times I am great at this, sometimes I am terrible at this. Whenever I go to a movie my phone goes away, silenced and never acknowledged. I always just focus on the film. Going to movies, for me is a ritual, almost with a sacred component and I just focus.

When sitting around all day waiting for a brilliant, amazing companion to return after a week’s absence. Not so good at being present in the moment of whatever I was doing. 

When I went to the movies with her. Dinner. And generally had my breath stolen as we walked out of the theater and saw this sunset…along with just being present with her, those were all times I was mostly in the moment. Though I did find myself dwelling on an unknownable future. 

Yesterday was a day filled with great moments and I’m learning to be present better. Less drifting down unknown paths into the future. #TheWorldISee


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