The World I See, Sun., 7/27/15

A dear friend of mine has been down with a cold for a while now, so I’ve been over at her house every few days helping take care of things. Cook, clean, bringing chicken noodle soup. On Friday she was feeling a bit better and I think pushed herself a bit too hard hiking bad playing with the kids in the park. Today she’s paying the price. 

We spent the day watching old Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies listening to her teenage daughter sing badly (on purpose) and generally talk about life. 

As I was leaving I managed to snag this picture of the brilliant Moon and a powerful tree. Each of these is a piece of our story for she is strongly drawn to trees and I an intensely in touch with the cosmic symbolism of the Moon and Sun. I found it to be the perfect image to sum up a Sunday spent tending to my wonderful sick friend. #TheWorldISee


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