The World I See, Wed., 7/22/15

I believe in many ways our world is too compartmentalized. We label everything and stick to what we know and like. Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, Amazon, and numerous other outlets use algorithms to determine what you like based on what you have “liked” to provide more of the same keeping you in your comfort zone rarely offering anything outside. 

The media fails to provide significant journalism offering only sound bite reporting that boils down to reading the same headlines every half hour. 

And even social media with things like the Facebook Feed churns out SAME, SAME, SAME, while keeping the outliers and differing, diverse hidden from your scroll. 

We get locked into these ideas: “I am this,” “They are that,” “This is my identity,” “This has value,” “Y is valueless, or poses a threat of mine.”

Instead of screeching and drowning out different voices and values let’s listen. 

Today, while biking the Foothills Trail in Orting, WA I saw the glacier runoff mix with the freshwater stream and the visual dynamic it created. It started me thinking about how doomed and stagnant our natural world would be if nature acted like “civilized” humanity does. “Sorry, your glacier water, you can’t mix with the fresh water streamies.”  #TheWorldISee


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