The World I See, Fri., 7/17/15

Shadows on the Green River (Kent, Wa.). Spent the day hiking with the most amazingly beautiful soul along the Green River Trail. Neither of us had done it before. We began at the intersection of Green River and Interurban Trails in Kent, WA.  We hike out about two miles then turned around. The paved trail is interesting, at times it runs right along the 167 freeway so as we were scampering through minor trails to interesting bridges we were right next to bogged down traffic. Then it drops behind apartment complexes and gyms yet manages to isolate you and find serene beauty. Everywhere we went there were new sights to discover, whether it was the plant life, a tiny garter snake slithering off the trail, or a unique bridge suspended underneath an overpass. We even ran into a considerate gentleman who exchange quips with us as we walked back and forth across a suspended bridge who jokingly warned us not to have “too much fun.”  I think we managed to do that, we had way too much fun. #TheWorldISee


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