The World I See, Tue., 7/14/15

I’m a huge fan of Mexican Sugar Skulls and the Dia de Los Muertos. I’m generally a fan of anything that has a relationship with death that isn’t adversarial, antagonistic. In my travels through Europe and my studies I came across many places and tales, many cultures that embrace death. In no place, no culture that I have ever encountered does the death of someone close to you do anything but leave a gaping hole, but when your culture has a relationship with something inevitable that healing process is much easier. I used to wear a Death Mala, until it broke. A Buddhist Mala worn by certain Buddhists made as skulls. It was to remind them everyday of the inevitability of death, to remind them to be present in moment. For death comes when it wants. While I may not wear a Death Mala, I do adorn myself with a silver skull bracelet I never take off and surround myself with skulls. I still have trouble being present fully in each moment, that is part of the curse of depression, but I try. #TheWorldISee


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