The World I See, Sun. 2/15/15

This is Yggdrasil, the World Tree, I named it that because first I love trees, they dominate my world. Secondly, when this Norfolk Pine is bigger and stronger we, my Mom and I, are going to plant it in the front yard. It is going to symbolize my Mom’s rebirth after two rounds of cancer. I owned a Norfolk Pine once, bought it when it was tiny and it died when my roommate didn’t water it for five weeks in the hot, dry Hawai’i September/October. I couldn’t revive it. I was saddened and set out to get a new one that was bigger. My Dad was not happy.

The Evergreen State is ample with trees of various variety and I love it. Yggdrasil will be a grand compliment to the six we already have. #TheWorldISee


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