Marvel’s Agent Carter Sn1 Ep4 “The Blitzkrieg Button”

In “Time and Tide” Agent Peggy Carter and Jarvis seized the cache of Stark’s stolen tech from Leviathan. Now all this tech is in the possession of the SSR who has no idea what any of it does and is bumbling around trying to figure it all out. This is the exact recipe for disaster that summons Howard Stark out of hiding back into the fray. Hidden amongst his recovered tech is the Blitzkrieg Button and he needs Peggy to retrieve it before the SSR accidentally activates it causing untold devastation.

The SSR, on the other hand, is digging in their heels now that one of their own has been killed in a brutal assassination. They are further assured of Stark’s guilt and are reaching even farther out to try and prove it. In this effort the SSR uncover cryptic dark secrets they don’t know what to do with.

“Time and Tide” is a great episode for secrets and while a few are fully revealed, many are just exposed. Stark, Jarvis, even Peggy all have secrets that run the risk of changing the course of the narrative. Having Stark back in the series is a welcome change, for his playboy ways were missing and he makes up for this absence in one episode. But, Stark is also able to remind us that there are real stakes on the table for him no matter how hard he tries to hide it with his sexual adventures.

No matter how fun Stark is, or amusing Jarvis can be, Agent Peggy Carter is the star of the show and she is written exceptionally well. In this episode she is allowed to do something that is often seen as a detriment to most women, a weakness, she becomes emotional, with NO penalty. As a matter of fact, her emotional outburst empowers her over Stark allowing her the leverage necessary to hit him with the full weight of the repercussions of his actions. Most times in films and television when a female character is emotional she is weakened, her power is exponentially decreased in relation to the men around her. Not so Peggy Carter, she is a powerhouse who is allowed to also be a human being.

Halfway in though, and now comes the time for us to acknowledge the white elephant in the room: where is this show going? When I first began reading about “Marvel’s Agent Carter” it was being sold as a show about the creation of SHIELD, I’m not seeing any indications of the formation of the agency yet, no foundation is being set down. Now, on one hand this might be a good thing as it could suggest further seasons. I could delight in further short seasons like this that build toward that goal. If that is the case then I retract my single issue with the show. If not, then my issue remains.

Without ruining anything for those not yet in the know Agent Carter’s next door neighbor is interesting and I can’t wait for her to develop further. I can imagine where this character will lead us and I am excited, but I’m waiting as this show has already had plenty of Red Herrings. My overall impression of “The Blitzkrieg Button” was that this episode was fun, filled with great comedy, exciting, tense, and moved the story into new territory.


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