The World I See, Sun. 2/1/15

As I worked on this last year, and now this year I have learned many lessons.

The first is that beauty has a fluid definition. Sometimes it can spring from the worst of sources.

The second, and I’m sure that I’ll address this in greater detail later, is that photographs lie. The obfuscate truth. People have always put great faith in pictures, what you can see, you can believe, but the nature of the camera, the nature of the frame, the nature of the preservation of a moment is falsehood. It should be recognized and acknowledged. Anytime you take a picture you are contributing, in one way or another to a lie whether you intend to or not.

I was thinking about both of these lessons as I took this picture. Due to the locations of my pictures, the nature of my work, and my dedication to privacy I am extremely conscious of framing. Even with this one framing was vital.

I love the colors the source, not so much. #TheWorldISee


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