The World I See, Tue. 1/27/15

Descending lines. Ascending lines. The vanishing horizon. Near or perfect symmetry. Reiteration of form. These are all themes I love in photography. I also love all the new avenues that digital photography has opened up. Growing up I was always limited to 24 pictures and had to wait until Dad could afford to develop all our rolls to see how they turned out. If I was real lucky I got a 36 exposure roll.

With digital photography I can shoot directly at the Sun as my viewfinder is filtered through the lenses of the camera itself. I get immediate feedback on the image, I can adjust, reframe, and I’m only limited by battery life and storage capacity.

I do miss my hours in the dark room manually manipulating an image by hand to the desired quality of development. Searing it with a penlight, trimming the edges by blowing it up. I never learned color baths, but black & white darkroom was so much fun.

I love finding images like this one. On days like this, with pictures like these I revisit my whole history with photography. #TheWorldISee


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