The World I See, Thu. 1/22/15

A dreary, rainy day…I truly love them…is momentarily broken up by a fantastic sunburst.

When I was younger there was some sci-fi program about a human settlement on Venus and the rarity of a cloud break. This episode focused on a girl who ran around her school telling everyone about that day’s forecast cloud break, an event that only occurred once like every 200 years or so. No one believed her and ultimately they locked her in a closet. The sun came out and everyone got to see the sun, she wept as the precious light crept under the door. By the time they opened the door to let her out the clouds had closed back up denying her the sun.

She was heartbroken. No one was left untouched by their actions. Then the clouds parted once more and she was given a precious gift.

When I see the Sun like this I always recall that unknown sci-fi program. While I do not know the name I always remember the powerful message. #TheWorldISee


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