“Marvel’s Agent Carter” Sn1 Ep3 “Time and Tide”

After an amazing two-hour season premiere the mini-series, “Marvel’s Agent Carter” comes back with brash aplomb. Our feisty, intelligent, and capable Peggy Carter continues her dual roles as SSR agent and secret ally of Howard Stark. Not only does she have to find, confront, and thwart the agents of the mysterious Leviathan, but she also has to deal with the misogyny and barely concealed contempt of her co-workers. With a dashing style that never affects her effectiveness she maintains a cool exterior, underneath which burns a fiery passion.

“Time and Tide” has Peggy settling into her new living quarters, which I cannot help but foreshadow will cause future problems. After Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy) is arrested by SSR in connection with the Roxxon implosion, Peggy decides to tackle the stolen Stark tech from a different angle. Instead of running around chasing leads as they pop up, she delves into the breached vault to try and determine the path the stolen tech took. She also uses her resources to decipher the meaning of the mysterious symbol Leet Brannis traced in the dirt as his dying act of redemption.

I truly respect that the writers and showrunners don’t hamstring our title character. In one pivotal scene she runs into a thug, a strongman, who voices no reservations about “killing a woman.” She shows no fear and even though she is alone she stands her ground. She showcases her skill, resourcefulness, and power. Agent Peggy Carter is quick, highly trained, and doesn’t quit. She is not a “weak woman.” Agent Carter is the icon of the powerful warrior woman, she IS the epitome of a SHIELD agent. She is the forerunner of Agent Melinda May and in this episode reminds us how true this is.

The chemistry between Jarvis and Carter is perfect, her British cockyness and fortitude combined with his British stuffiness and “stiff-upper-lip’ness” is a perfect mixture. The empathetic Agent Sousa, who is a potential SSR ally of Carter’s, is also well written and complexly nuanced. “Time and Tide” is an emotional and exciting episode, one that upsets the balance by the time credits roll, setting in motion more ripples. This is also an episode of secrets revealed and friendships made. Minor characters get to step into the light more for their chance to shine and they prove that they each earn the right to be a member of the cast.

“Time and Tide” propels the narrative and plot forward. It continues to develop the main characters and push some minor ones into the limelight. The writing is taut, the tone is a nice mix of humor, excitement, and drama. I like the show and the character of Peggy Carter, so much right now that I’m bit sad it’s a limited run, but that said it that may be a huge strength of the show as well. That may be the factor that allows the show to be so laser focused and condensed. Three episodes into an eight episode run and there hasn’t been a single disappointment. “Time and Tide” continues the high notes established with the two-hour premiere and pushes the series further. Until next week…


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