“Constantine” Sn1 Ep9 “The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2”

By now it is no secret the NBC isn’t throwing their full support behind “Constantine.” The ‘back-nine,’ the nine episodes left to be filmed after the initial order of thirteen, was cancelled by the fourth episode. However, NBC has yet to formally announce a cancellation, and with the return, after the mid-season finale, the show was moved from the dismal 10pm Friday time slot to a more friendly 8pm one. Yet, other errors creep into the show that demonstrate the lack of concern for this excellent show and that is the evident in the name of this show and the mid-season finale, both episodes carried the name “The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2.” What is clear is that there was an error, which should have been caught and corrected, thus preventing confusion at the mid-season finale.

“The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2” picks up right where the Mid-Season finale left off with John Constantine shot and bleeding under threat by an Invunche, an ancient demon that existed before the biblical flood wiped them from existence. Annie shot John to save the life of infants stolen by the sisters of Eve emboldened by the Brujeria and the Rising Darkness. In the opening moments to save his life, and prevent the Invunche from devouring him, Constantine summons the demon king Pazuzu into his body, earning the wrath of the angel Manny, and potentially dooming humanity if he cannot find a way to expel the powerful demon before it drives his soul to hell. The stage is set for a bloody, spiritual, and epic battle for Constantine’s soul and life.

“Constantine” has effectively woven a world mythology and each episode is another piece in that epic fabric. Competing dogmas are pieced together flawlessly and effortlessly explained so that every new threat makes sense in this realm and our world. This is also a world that still manages to make sense and is relatable. Unfortunately, for this show, and us, the fans of it, NBC is almost as good at killing good TV as Fox is. The great news for us is that we do still have a great show.

“The Saint of Last Resorts” storyline reveals more about the events at Newcastle, infuses the narrative with deeper revelations about the Rising Darkness, and opens up more storylines; particularly about Zed’s past. In “Part 2” we get to see not only the ability of John Constantine (Matt Ryan) to inspire greatness in others, but his ability to be humble, in his own way of course. Zed (Angelica Celaya), who is such a rich character, shows off not only her resourcefulness, but how much she has learned in the short-time being part of the team. The still enigmatic Chas (Charles Halford) is still both loyal, useful, and full of tricks. But it is ultimately Anne Marie (Claire van der Boom) who shines the most in this episode. She is both playful and quite capable. She has just as many demons plaguing her as John Constantine does and what this means for the team is vital.

In addition to the wonderful team assembled around Constantine this episode is predominately set inside a Mexican prison and Constantine has to deal with Pazuzu’s growing dominance and Mexican prison politics. It makes for an exceptionally explosive mixture. With only four episodes left, no word yet on another season, I expect that Constantine’s war on the Rising Darkness will be left in limbo before too long. My advice to fellow fans, let’s enjoy what we have before us, we don’t know if there will be any more. But we can always hope that they will: #SaveConstantine


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